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You want the best for your kiddos. We'll help you get there. 

At Kiddo Korner, we hand select the very best products for your kiddos. We closely consider the educational ends, materials used, manufacturing process, and overall quality and design of each product before approving it for the Kiddo Korner line.

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We help families to: 

  • Develop bonds
  • Strengthen Bodies
  • Ignite Minds
  • Foster Creativity 

‚ÄčWe only want the best for your kiddos because we know you do too. 





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Learn More About the Drewes Family and What They Believe


Drewes Family Kiddo Korner About Us

The Drewes family, Damon, Lindsay, Davey, and William started Kiddo Korner so that they could offer high quality, children's products that are beautiful and safe and help nurture the bond between parent and child. 

In 2014, Lindsay left the classroom to be a full time stay at home mom and momprenuer. Following her passion for raising David with attachment style parenting and an eco-friendly life style she knew that the best place for her to be was at home. 

With a deep sense of knowing, the Drewes family began looking for alternatives to many modern conveniences .  "Intuitively, we knew that many things in our day to day life just weren't safe.  Things like plastics, common medicines and microwaves.  We began searching out safe alternatives.  Essentially, we consider everything that comes into contact with our bodies and how many unnatural toxins those items are carrying. We knew we had to limit our exposure to modern toxins, especially for our boys. That's when we decided to start researching safe, eco-friendly baby and toddler products."

Freelance Writing, Photography and More

Are you looking for help completing a creative project? Lindsay helps many clients to complete creative projects for their website, marketing and more. 



Find Solutions for: 

- Custom Articles

- Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

- Marketing Projects

- Marketing Materials

- Custom Photography

- Social Media

- Real Estate Photography

- 360 Panoramic Photos 

and more! 

Email Lindsay (at) KiddoKorner.com to discuss the details of your project and how she can help. 


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