Lalabu Soothe Shirt

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FREE GIFT Nature Baby Super Pack
FREE GIFT Nature Baby Super Pack
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FREE Gift Royal Baby Super Pack
FREE Gift Royal Baby Super Pack
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You are going to LOVE the Soothe Shirt because you LOVE your newborn and want to keep her close. 

Experience the exquisite Lalabu Soothe Shirt so that you can spend every moment with your precious newborn. 

Don't miss out on a single moment in your newborn's life or in the lives of your other children.

Snuggle and love that precious baby and hold the hand of your tot at the same time.

Deeply breathe in that sweet newborn smell coming from the top of your baby’s head as you push your divine but precocious toddler on the swing.

Feel confident that you can love up every bit of this new baby and still make your older child feel special, loved, appreciated, and engaged in life. 

Enjoy a FREE GIFT with purchase. Choose either the Royal Baby or Nature Baby Super Pack and get Dear Baby Letter Prompts and Monthly Printable Stickers or Iron on Patches. Record precious memories for your baby. 


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  • To be the best mom possible on earth to all of your children at the same time


  • To soak up every moment, snuggle, and sweet smell of your newborn while he’s still a newborn


  • To have the freedom to move about and go here and there with both your newborn and other children


  • To make dressing yourself a super simple task, one shirt, nursing bra and pouch all wrapped up into ONE garment



What you get when you buy a Lalabu Soothe Shirt from Kiddo Korner

  • You get a beautiful tank that goes with any outfit which means dressing yourself as you care for your kiddos is super simple and you’ll look great.


  • You get a built in nursing bra which means you’ll always be ready to nurse your baby and you won’t have to search around for a bra that works with your outfit.


  • You get a built in baby pouch which means at any point you can easily slip your baby in to soothe him or to care for your older child. No searching for a carrier.


  • You get the confidence of knowing you can move about with your newborn which means you can ditch the guilt and care for your toddler the way she needs to be cared for.

Click here to learn about the incredible Lalabu Soothe Shirts: $79.00:

Top 10 Questions

You have a LOT going on in your life right now. You are either expecting a baby soon or are already adjusting to life with a newborn. I’m sure you have some questions about how the Soothe Shirt will work for you. If I were to guess the top 10 questions or objections you have they would be these:


1.  I have big babies or big babies run in my family. What if my baby is too big for the shirt?

2.  I have gained a lot of weight. I don’t know what size will fit me after I have the baby.

3.  I am not sure what size to choose.

4.  I want to buy this for someone else but I don’t know what size to order.

5.  How does the nursing bra work?

6.  Will that bra really provide enough support for me?

7.  What does the fabric feel like? Will it get stretched out?

8.  Can I walk around with BOTH hands free?

9.  How soon will my shirt arrive (I want to use it right away or I want to give it as a gift and need it by a certain day).

10. How many times will I use it? Should I wash it each time?  I get behind on laundry especially with a new baby.


Answers to the Top 10 Questions


  1. I have big babies or big babies run in my family. What if my baby is too big for the shirt?

The pouch is intended for newborns between 7 and 15 lbs. You can wear it as a nursing tank daily the entire time you breastfeed. For many mamas that's a year or more.



  1. I have gained a lot of weight. I don’t know what size will fit me after I have the baby.

Great question. I recommend choosing the bust size that you were before you got pregnant and going with that size of shirt. If you are in between you’ll want the smaller size a few weeks after you have the baby but the larger size in the first 2 or 3 weeks after the baby. 



  1. I am not sure what size to choose.

       Use the chart below to help you decide. And remember…

  • Use your pregnancy bust size in inches
  • On the border?  Size up if you have a large cup size, long torso, or full arms
  • Don’t size up to get a bigger pouch for your baby
  • If it’s snug and comfy on mom after delivery, it’s the best size!

Lalabu Soothe Shirt Size Chart



  1. I want to buy this for someone else but I don’t know what size to order.

I suggest going with a gift certificate.  You can choose a digital gift certificate and have it emailed to the new mom or a physical gift certificate and have a physical box sent so she has something to open but the size decision is left up to her.



  1. How does the nursing bra work?

The built-in nursing bra has a soft elastic band across the bottom which provides support. There are two layers of fabric, the bra panels and the pouch which provide great coverage and shape. To use the nursing bra, simply pull the pouch down and move the bra panel to the side.  

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  1. Will that bra really provide enough support for me?

The bra is fitted but you may find that you want to wear another bra underneath for your own comfort. This will absolutely work. Plus it gives you an extra boost to make your boobs look extra perky! An added bonus!



  1. What does the fabric feel like? Will it get stretched out?

The fabric is a polyester, rayon, spandex blend that is milled in North Carolina. It feels like a thick pair of workout pants. Soft, stretchy, fitted.

The ultra soft fabric used is custom milled just for the Soothe Shirt.  It’s made with incredible recovery properties so it won't get loose even after months of use.  



  1. Can I walk around with both hands free?

The pouch does support much of your newborn's weight, however it is recommend that you always keep one hand on the baby while they are in the pouch.




  1. How soon will my shirt arrive (I want to use it right away or I want to give it as a gift and need it by a certain day).

The shirts ship via USPS First Class Delivery and take approximately 3-7 days to arrive.



  1. How many times will I use it? Should I wash it each time?  I get behind on laundry especially with a new baby.

You will love it and find that you do want to use it often. I kept mine for special days that I was leaving the house with both boys. That way I could keep the newborn in the shirt and have a free hand for the tot. Some moms wear them all the time and even sleep in them. It goes with your preference. Sometimes I would wear mine for half a day and not get messy or sweaty in it. Then I would wear it again another day without washing it. This is all about your preference. Think about your favorite pair of jeans. Do you always wash them between each wear? This should be a good guideline for how often you will wash your shirt. Just remember that after having a baby we tend to sweat more, have milk leaking, and baby spit up on us. If you get the shirt and LOVE it like I think you will, order another one or two for your rotation.


Exchange/Return Policy

Free Exchange-Free Return-Free Love

I understand that you have a LOT of changes happening in your life right now. I believe in you and I believe in the Soothe Shirt. I know it is a great tool for mothers to connect with their newborns. I want you to experience how great this connection can be and I want you to be absolutely happy with your Soothe Shirt so here are my guarantees to you.

Click here to learn about our Soothe Shirt Guarantees - FREE exchange, FREE return, and FREE love:


Free Exchange

  • You have 30 days after your baby is born to exchange your shirt for a different size.
  • Make sure you leave the tags on your original shirt and don’t wash it.
  • Email to request an exchange.
  • (exchange email needs to include order number, current size and color and requested size and color)
  • Within 3 business days, we will mail you the size you request plus a prepaid label to return the original.
  • Keep your original shirt and compare both sizes side by side. Decide which one you want to keep and mail the other back using the prepaid label.

Free Return

  • You have 30 days after your purchase to return your shirt for a refund of $79.00.  Shipping and handling is not refunded.
  • The shirt must have the original tags still intact and must not be washed.
  • Email to request a refund.
  • A person from our team will contact you to give specific instructions and a prepaid mailing label.
  • You will repackage and mail your shirt back.
  • Once the shirt is received, a refund of $79.00 (less any discounts given at time of purchase) will be issued.
  • An email confirming your refund will be sent.

Free Love

  • We LOVE our Mamas at Kiddo Korner and want you to feel completely confident and happy with your new Soothe Shirt.
  • We request your due date when you order so that we can give you a complementary call or email (your choice) after your baby is born.
  • After your due date we will email to see how you are doing and find out if you want to schedule a call to talk about your new baby and your Soothe Shirt.
  • Through email or live call, we will be able to answer any questions you have about how the shirt fits, how to use it, or how to position the baby in it.
  • We are here for you to help you on your exciting journey with your newborn. We love the Soothe Shirt and the opportunity it gives moms to keep baby close. We believe in this product and we believe in you. We want you to experience this heightened sense of connection with your baby as you keep her close throughout the day.


What Do I Do Now?

It’s really easy to get started. Just choose your size and color from the drop down menus above. Then enter your due date and add it to your cart. Click on view cart at the top of the page to finish checking out.


Once you complete your order, you’ll get an email confirmation of your order. We’ll process your order and send it out in 1-2 business days. When you’re order ships, we’ll send you a tracking number to track your package.


Once your shirt arrives you can try it on after your baby is born. Remember to leave all of the tags on until you’re sure it’s the right fit for you. That way you will still be able to exchange the shirt.


Before you know it you will be snuggling your newborn in your own little kangaroo pouch.  Ahh…perfect!


Make sure to place your order now so that your shirt is ready and waiting for when your precious newborn arrives. You’ll be all set.


Or if your baby is here, you don’t want to miss any more time snuggling with him because you need to lay him down to do something else. Don’t miss another precious moment!


What Moms are saying about their Soothe Shirts

“Love it! Wore it to run errands today and my one month old fell asleep in it every time I dropped her in. Need one for every day of the week!”
— Lyndsey


“First time using my @lalabu soothe shirt & I'm in love. Simone seems to like it too.  I could seriously see myself living in this...I loved my soft carrier with Tate, but I did not love wrapping 74 yards of fabric around myself every time I wanted to use it. This thing will change a new mom's world.”
— Madeline, blogger and mom of 2


The Soothe Shirt is the best! Me and my son (9 weeks old) love it so much. My sister bought it for me when he was born and it's the best gift I received. I will recommend all moms and moms to be to buy a soothe shirt, it's brilliant ❤️ Lots of love from a fan in Sweden :)
— Jennifer, new mom in Sweden

“I received three different types of carriers before my daughter, Hannah, was born. She is three months old now and the Soothe Shirt is the only one that I have really used! I love that I can just pop her into it without having to race across the house to find a carrier. Plus it's fantastic for nursing - I'd be willing to pay the full price for the Soothe Shirt just to use as a nursing shirt. The main thing I love about my Soothe Shirt is that it has given me much-needed confidence as a new mom to get out and about. I always wear it when I'm headed out to parties, to church, etc because I know that if she gets tired, fussy, or over-stimulated I can put her into the pouch. 90% of the time she will fall right asleep, even with a good deal of background noise. I am now the proud owner of 2 Soothe Shirts, and have "sold" nearly a dozen of them to fellow new moms who have seen me and my Soothe Shirt in action! I can't imagine the last three months without it.”
— Monica, entrepreneur and mom to Hannah


“It’s such a unique product. It’s simple yet versatile and attractive, and it promotes the unity of mother and baby.”
— Jennifer


“I love how easy it is to take my baby around with Lalabu! No bulky straps or buckles and no massive amount of fabric to hold my baby. So easy and versatile.
— Lisa

Click here to learn more about the incredible Lalabu Soothe Shirt: $79.00:

“The Soothe Shirt is extremely convenient and easy to use. I value how quick I can slip my daughter into the shirt. I love that I can wear it as a shirt as well and the ability to nurse.
— Amaris


“Super helpful as you have more kids.
— Corie


“They are very attractive tops, as well as functional!
— Diane


“Love the product, love the story, love the cause!
— Tina


“Very convenient, my baby loves it.
— Kristen


"This shirt is so awesome! Of all the baby products we’ve bought, which is a lot with four kids in four years, this is one of best!"
— Jennifer


Stylish Top

The Lalabu Soothe Shirt can be worn in any season. The light, wearable fabric and fashionable design makes this tank top an easy go to top for summer and works well with all the layering that will happen in spring, fall and even winter.  In an effort to support the local economy, the Lalabu Soothe Shirt is sourced and manufactured in the USA using the best materials and fabrics.

Cozy Pouch

Let the Lalabu Soothe Shirt work for you! Mom can easily comfort her newborn thanks to the secure yet expandable pouch creating an intimate swaddle right against mom. The head support flips up to hold the baby’s head while they sleep and easily tucks back into the pouch when not in use.  The Soothe Shirt is meant to promote and support mommy/baby bonding by allowing them to actively, live life closer.

Nursing Bra

The stylish Soothe Shirt can become part of your everyday wardrobe by assisting you with the easy-to-use nursing bra. It features two fabric layers for extra coverage and a soft elastic band for support.  The shirt covers your stomach while nursing and you don’t need to wear a separate bra underneath.  The best part? You have the modesty and coverage you desire to be a confident new mom!


Customer Reviews

Reviewed by Zrtha, 03/19/2015

Best gift my daughter received from her baby shower! This will be my go to gift idea.