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Missouri is our pick for summer adventures this year. We’re planning on taking the family to St. Lewis and Branson. To get the boys excited, we’ve been reading the best picture books about Missouri.

It’s a great way to learn more about where well be traveling. We’ve prepped for trips like this before and it makes the experience so much deeper and richer. It seems to stretch the vacation because we spend so much time discovering before we even hit the road. Then, once we’re there everything has so much more meaning.

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Missouri Picture Books For Kids Plus Baldnobbers Discounts!

13. Good Night Missouri by Adam Gamble and Mark Jasper

Good Night Missouri highlights the mighty Mississippi, St. Louis Arch, Grant’s Farm, SEA LIFE Aquarium, St. Louis Zoo, Hannibal, sports teams, Lake of the Ozarks, City Museum, Silver Dollar City, Route 66, and more. This delightful nighttime board book takes young readers takes young readers on an exciting and educational tour of the great state of Missouri. Young readers will visit all the fascinating sights and attractions this charming state has to offer. 


12. Count To Sleep St. Louis by Adam Gamble Mark Jasper and Joe Vino

Count to Sleep St. Louis features the Gateway Arch, Forest Park, Museum of Transportation, Grant’s Farm, St. Louis Zoo, local sports teams, the Mississippi River, local foods, and more. Counting the diverse city of St. Louis has been never so much fun! Young readers will jump for joy as they discover the city’s famous landmarks and attractions.


11. What’s That Arch? By Sandra Kreitner and Alvin Zamudio

It’s big! It’s shiny! And it catches everyone’s eye! The Gateway Arch is all that and a whole lot more. A beloved landmark in St. Louis, Missouri, it symbolizes the Gateway to the West and the rich history of the area. With colorful illustrations and rhyming story, this board book provides a fun look at westward expansion, exploration, and St. Louis long before the Arch was built along the Mighty Mississippi. Tag along with Lewis and Clark and their canine sidekick, Seaman. Share the vision of a new America with President Thomas Jefferson. Discover animals that roamed the wild frontier, and pack a covered wagon to follow brave pioneers along the westward trail. Children and adults alike may see this inspiring steel monument in a whole new light!


10. To The Top! A Gateway and Arch Story by Amanda E. Doyle and Tony Waters

Take the children in your life on their own journey of discovery: tag along with Ella, her impatient little brother Jake, and their Grandpa as they explore the outside, inside, and very, very top of the Gateway Arch, on the Mississippi riverfront in St. Louis, Missouri. While Jake just wants to get to the top as fast as possible, Ella is intent on impressing Grandpa with everything she has learned about the landmark and its history. Together, the family discovers fascinating artifacts – a bison, a great grizzly bear, a tall statue of Thomas Jefferson – while Grandpa spins tales of his own memories, as a young man, of watching the Arch being built. More than just an architectural feat, the Arch embodies the history, culture, and spirit of westward expansion, exploration, and individual dignity. Don t worry, they finally make it to the top . . . and what Jake wants then will resonate with your own young explorers!


9. St. Louis Architecture For Kids by Lee Ann Sandweiss and Phyllis Harris

Written and illustrated to appeal to children of all ages, St. Louis Architecture for Kids takes the reader, tourist, or resident on an exciting tour of the unique built landscape of the St. Louis region—from A to Z!

The book’s adorable tour guide, a character named Archy, narrates the journey in rhyme, with each letter of the alphabet corresponding to a St. Louis landmark. Lee Ann Sandweiss’s playful poetry incorporates history and local lore while celebrating the beauty and charm of the region’s architectural treasures. The text is complemented by full- color collage illustrations that combine the whimsy of Phyllis Harris’s delightful characters and Gen Obata’s evocative architectural photography.

St. Louis Architecture for Kids breaks new ground in making St. Louis’s rich architectural heritage accessible to children as well as their caregivers and teachers. The perfect gift for children, grandchildren, students, or yourself, this book will delight as it teaches and leave the reader yearning for more. Complete with map, this picture book doubles as a tour book for family or class field trips.

From the Gateway Arch to the world-famous Zoo, St. Louis Architecture for Kids is a must-have book for anyone who loves the urban landscape and wants to ignite curiosity and appreciation for the built environment in youngsters.


8. Good Night, Cardinals By Brad M. Epstein and Curt Wallstead

Good Night, Cardinals follows in the long tradition of good night stories loved by children everywhere. The bedtime story takes children through the day of the big game good morning St. Louis as everyone wakes up in anticipation, good afternoon Cardinals fans as everyone heads to Busch Stadium, good evening Cardinals as the team take the field and game begins, and of course good night everyone as we say good night to Busch Stadium, the players and young fans dreaming of their major league debut. Adorable illustrations and accurate drawings of Busch Stadium and the Cardinals only found in Good Night, Cardinals. A home run for every young Cardinals fan. Officially licensed by Major League Baseball.


7. Santa Is Coming To St. Louis By Steve Smallman and Robert Dunn

It’s Christmas Eve, Have you been good? Santa’s packed up all the presents and is headed your way! With the help of a certain red-nosed reindeer, Santa flies over:


•City Hall
•Fox Theater
•St. Louis Art Museum
•Busch Stadium
•St. Louis Zoo
•Basilica of St. Louis
•Peabody Opera House
•Old Courthouse
•Ted Drew’s Frozen Custard Sign
•Gateway Arch
•Union Station
•One Metropolitan Square

“Ho, ho ho!” laughs Santa. “Merry Christmas, St. Louis!”


6. Cloudy With A Chance Of Toasted Rav by Ryan Nusbickel

A curious storm is bringing toasted ravioli, frozen custard, and other local delicacies to the St Louis area. Can the locals eat their way out of this? Grab an umbrella and some marinara sauce because the forecast for St Louis is cloudy with a chance of toasted rav!


5. “Who Moved My Gooey Butter Cake?!” By Ryan Nusbickel

It’s sweet, buttery, and IT’S GONE MISSING. For one little girl, nothing compares to the bite of her beloved St. Louis gooey butter cake. So when her cake vanishes, she and her faithful pooch embark on a city-wide search. Ryan Nusbickel, the creator of The St. Louis Night Before Christmas, brings you a classic St. Louis “Goo-dunit!” You’ll finish wanting seconds!


4. A Picture Book Of Lewis And Clark by David A. Adler and Ronald Himler

An introduction to the lives of Lewis and Clark and to the exploratory expedition they led from St. Louis to the Pacific Ocean in the early nineteenth century.


3. I Am Sacagawea By Brad Meltzer and Christopher Eliopoulos

Sacagawea, the only Native American included in Lewis and Clark’s historic expedition, joins the inspiring list of heroes whose stories are told in this New York Times Bestselling biography series. 

Sacagawea was the only girl, and the only Native American, to join Lewis and Clark’s Corps of Discovery, which explored the United States from the Mississippi River all the way to the Pacific Ocean in the early 1800s. As a translator, she helped the team communicate with members of the Shoshone tribe across the continent, carrying her child on her back the whole way. By the time the expedition arrived at the west coast, Sacagawea had proved that she truly was a trailblazer.

This friendly, fun biography series focuses on the traits that made our heroes great—the traits that kids can aspire to in order to live heroically themselves. Each book tells the story of one of America’s icons in a lively, conversational way that works well for the youngest nonfiction readers and that always includes the hero’s childhood influences. At the back are an excellent timeline and photos.


2. Lewis And Clark Trail The Photo Journal By George Thomas

This collection of photographs is called, “Lewis and Clark Trail – The Photo Journal” for good reason. The attention to detail and accuracy earns the title “The Photo Journal.” If Lewis and Clark had had the good fortune to document their amazing journey with photographs, these are the scenes that would have been recorded because they are the scenes described in their journals. Each photograph was taken within three weeks of the date Lewis and Clark camped at or passed each location – thus, landscapes, water flows and vegetative stages are very much as seen by expedition members. The entire route is carefully followed from Camp Dubois on the Mississippi River to Fort Clatsop on the Pacific Ocean and back.


1. Lewis And Clark Explorers of the American West By Steven Kroll and Richard Williams

This book walks readers through the major highlights of Lewis and Clarks two and a half year journey into the Loisiana Purchase. All based on facts of the journey, the book still reads like fiction.



Are you ready to visit Missouri with me? Who wouldn’t want to after checking out these awesome picture books!


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