British Soccer Camp Review

Full Disclosure: I received a complimentary soccer camp registration in return for my honest review. All opinions are my own.

This summer we decided to enroll David in Challenger Sports British Soccer Camp. At just 4 years old this was his first experience with organized sports. We’re not a huge soccer family but we thought David would enjoy the camp. He agreed it sounded fun so we gave it a try!

To get David ready for the camp, Coach Dad gave a few lessons on the basics of soccer. David was pumped and ready to start camp. David was signed up for the beginners camp which lasted an hour each day for 5 days. With his registration, he also received a soccer ball, jersey and t-shirt. The soccer ball and jersey were both good quality. The t-shirt was a basic cotton shirt (but really how long would a white t-shirt last with a 4 year old anyways?).

Early in the morning on the first day of camp it rained and stormed nonstop. Luckily it let up just in time for camp to begin. But just as the kiddos were getting to know their coaches and camp mates the storm picked up again. Camp had to be canceled for the rest of the first day.

The coaches graciously added time to each session the rest of the week to make up for the first day although their policy states that they don’t have to in the event of inclement weather.

Being in a decently small town in Ohio, the camp consisted of 3 coaches. David’s age group had three children in it. The all day camp with older children had close to 15 campers.

All of the coaches were wonderfully polite to both the campers and the parents. David was blessed to have Coach Sam who had a wonderful knack for working with 3 and 4 year olds (believe me, that doesn’t come naturally to most people). Coach Sam was always very encouraging to the campers. He easily redirected them in a fun and positive way when they would get distracted.

The time flew as they played lots of different, fun games. All of the games combined practicing soccer skills and imaginative play. David loved pretending to be a pirate and searching for treasure under cones. ┬áThe kiddos practiced “keeping the ball close, maintaining control, directional dribbling, correct technique, target kicking and passing” according to my husband the PE teacher (I needed some help on the technical words)!

We had a great experience with Challenger Sports British Soccer Camp. We hope to do another camp next year and maybe be a host family. Challenger Sports looks for families to host the young British coaches for a week or two in the summer. I think it would be a great way to have the family get to know someone from another culture.

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