Get Ready for Winter with Healtop Toddler Bundle

Using natural products is a must in our house. We want to keep as many toxins  as possible out of our kiddo’s body. That’s why I was excited to try Healtop’s Toddler Bundle. The Toddler Bundle is full of everything you’ll need to keep your tots on their A game this winter.


Add vitamin C drops to their water or juice to give them an immune system boost. It’s also perfect for when you notice the first signs of cold and flu. I used it on my kiddos last week and I was surprised by how quickly they got over their colds!


The winter relief helps with cold and flu symptoms or tummy troubles. I added a few drops to a cup of warm water to make a warm, soothing tea when David had a funky tummy. He loved using it for a tea party and it quieted his indigestion.

We do nightly foot massages for the boys as part of their bedtime routines. Instead of using our normal essential oil blend, we substituted with Silky Feet. The fresh herbal scent and smooth-as-butter creamy feeling made for a perfect bedtime foot massage. Both boys loved it!

William loves to use lip balm. He calls it his “happy face”. He was thrilled to use the Soft Lips natural lip ointment. A little goes a long way with this creamy lip ointment. He loved the fresh citrus smell and how smooth it made his lips.

If you’re looking for great natural products to keep your toddler in tip-top shape this winter, give Healtop’s Toddler Bundle a try!