Legoland Discovery Center Michigan and Sea Life Aquarium

This year, David’s interest in building with Legos has really grown. He’s constantly building new creations. Following big brother’s interest, William also wants to build and design more than ever. When they were arguing over a set of wheels for their latest invention, I knew it was time to make our first visit to Legoland Discover Center Michigan.

Beyond their love of building and inventing with Legos, they always are interested in sea life. Aquariums are a huge hit with the boys and a visit to the ocean over the summer got them even more interested in sea life. The combination tickets with Legoland Discovery Center Michigan and Sea Life Aquarium made for a much-awaited visit to the Detroit area.

We planned a weekend of family fun in and around Detroit starting with the Eastern Market and Holiday Nights in Greenfield Village. The next day we set out after breakfast for the much awaited Legoland.

Anticipation danced in the boys’ eyes as they spottted Legoland and an enormous old english D made of Legos. They couldn’t wait to get past the ticket counter to start their adventure.

After some fun family photos, we waited in line on colored dots for entry into the “factory tour”. This was an interactive video tour that showed how legos are made. They loved standing at the controls and creating animated lego characters.

Next, we were ushered through doors, past the factory tour, and into a line to wait to begin our Kingdom Quest adventure. We piled into a cart and helped to save a princess in the laser ride. The boys were thrilled and had to do it a second time. It quickly became a theme that we would have to drag them from one attraction to the next. Otherwise they’d never make it past the first area.

Miniland was next. Using over 1.5 million bricks, Lego models of Detroit area landmarks like Comerica Park and Belle Isle were built.

From Miniland, we went into the wide-open discovery center. Damon and I split up so the boys could each hop from attraction to attraction at their own pace. Before long, both were intensely building and racing cars down the test tracks. They spent the most time here and both agreed it was their favorite part.

My favorite part, and a close second for the boys, was the Lego 4D Cinema. We watched a Lego Ninjago movie and were pelted with rain, wind, and snow. The boys reached out to touch the 3D figures coming at them. They gasped as rain hit them. And giggled in awe as snow fell around them.

We spent about 3 hours at Legoland Discovery Center. The boys would have been pleased to eat lunch there and continue exploring but we still had Sea Life Aquarium to fit in before heading back to Ohio. Now knowing how much they loved both attractions, I would have planned more time at each.

Legoland Discovery Center Michigan Attractions

  • Underwater Quest
  • 4D Theater
  • Kingdom Quest Ride
  • Miniland – Detroit Replica
  • Merlin’s Apprentice Ride
  • Lego Factory Interactive Video Tour
  • Creative Workshop
  • Lego City Play Zone
  • Lego Racers: Build and Test
  • Duplo Farm
  • Earthquake Tables
  • Lego Friends
  • Cafe
  • Lego Store

Sea Life Aquarium Michigan was in the same mall as Legoland, directly across the food court. Buying the tickets together can save a family quite a bit of money.

Main highlights of the aquarium included the touch tank and underwater ocean tunnel. The touch tank is always a favorite of David’s while William would rather just look at the sea life.

Sea urchins, shrimp, sea stars and more were in the touch tank. A friendly and knowledgeable employee happily answered any questions we had about the animals in the touch tank.

The whole aquarium was like a sea-maze (without any places where we might get lost!). We followed the path from exhibit to exhibit and it felt like we were floating through the ocean.

I had to rush William through the entire aquarium path when he suddenly had to go to the bathroom. The restrooms are located at the end of the path so we rushed through, rushed back, and then took our time exploring the sea life.

Both Legoland and Sea Life Aquarium were a hit! The only thing I would change about our experience is that I would plan for more time. I would allow 3-4 hours for Legoland and 2-3 hours for Sea Life Aquarium. Up to 7 hours of exploring is a lot for preschoolers. Going two different mornings before nap time would be ideal to make the most of the experiences. But of course, traveling with a family doesn’t always allow for that much time (or consistent nap times!).

Full Disclosure: In exchange for an honest blog review, tickets to both attractions were compensated. As always, all opinions are my own.