Summer’s Almost Over – How to Live It Up with Your Kiddos


Summer’s Almost Over – How to Live It Up with Your Kiddos


Just a few weeks left until school starts!

Last week I told you I wanted to make the most of these weeks with my kiddos. But we’ve been really busy renovating a house and I wasn’t sure how much of a “fun mom” I could be.

That’s when Jamie at Hands on as We Grow saved me with her Camp Mom Pack of Summer Activities.

Last week we had a ton of fun with our Water Play Day using ideas from the Camp Mom Pack.

Today I planned on having a Nature Explorers Day with the boys. That was until I woke up at 5 a.m. to work on house renovations (crunch time before drywallers begin!). By noon I was dirty, sweaty and tired. I had more work to do but my body said I had to stop to nurse the baby.

After a quick shower and nursing session I didn’t want to do anything but sit on the couch and turn on the ‘toons for the boys. (Know the feeling?)

Then that little voice in my head whispered, “But you promised them a nature adventure day. They’ve been waiting for you to finish working.”

Humpf, that little voice is always right.

Alright Mama, dig deep, you can do this.

I grabbed the Kindle and swiped through the Camp Mom Pack.  In moments I had landed on 3 activities I could do with just 60 seconds of prep.  I announced it was time for Nature Explorers Day. Instantly I was awesome Mama to the boys.

Take a look at what began just a couple minutes later.

Nature Explorers Day with a Baby and Toddler

The boys had a BLAST! And I did too. More than that, I kept my word to them. I made today special for them. They got outside, explored nature, got dirty and loved every minute of it.

I want you to have just as much fun with your kiddos before summers over.  Here is a preview of what’s in the Camp Mom Pack.

Camp Mom Activity Overview

I won’t leave you hanging in the last weeks of summer. This great bundle from Jamie includes over 140 extra activities that you can do all year with your kiddos. You’ll be ready when fall arrives too.

Preschool, Toddler, Baby Activity Books Plus Camp Mom Summer Bundle

Click here to get all the details on this awesome bundle.  No joke—you’ll feel so great after doing these activities with your kiddos. It’s totally worth it.



I want to hear from you! How are you living it up in your last weeks of summer? Comment below!